Custom tins for cosmetics

Use custom tins for promotional purposes! Not only are custom tins functional, they are also a feast for the eyes. Tins are the ideal packaging for promoting your brand or company name, also in the cosmetics industry.

Custom tins for cosmetics

Looking to package your cosmetics in a unique way while at the same time promoting your brand? Both aluminium and tin are suitable for this! These materials are lightproof, lightweight, and durable. For cosmetics and other liquid and powdered products, we can provide our (aluminium) tins with a screw lid and EPE liner. This ensures an airtight seal and is therefore ideal for packaging your liquid (water-based) cosmetics.

Proper packaging of your cosmetic products creates added value for your brand. By choosing special packaging, you can provide your customers with a unique experience. For example, have you ever thought of a special print or shape or relief/embossing as finish? We can prepare your custom tins in the exact way that you envision them. 

Not quite convinced yet? Perhaps we can persuade you by telling you our tins are 100% recyclable. They are sustainable packaging material. In other words, as a cosmetics company you will send a positive message by using our tins as packaging material. 

Our Custom Tins: How Do We Produce Them?

Producing a custom tin is quite the process. But no worries; we'll take care of everything. The only thing you need to do is tell us your wishes. We will then discuss these in detail with you.

After we've discussed the shape, dimensions, special design wishes, and other details, you will receive a die cut template from us. Furthermore, when the design is ready you will receive a PDF from us for verification and then a (2D) sample. Once everything has been approved, we will start production. In addition to the tin, we can also personalise the cardboard outer packaging, so that you can use it for your own distribution purposes.

Interested In a Custom Tin?

Producing a custom tin is quite the process. For example, why not use tin packaging for a one-off promotion or as support for your brand in the cosmetics industry?

Want to know more about the possibilities of custom tins? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide you with additional advice!

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