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Tins are the ideal packaging and extremely suitable for promoting your brand or business. Thanks to its appearance, a functional tin packaging creates real added value. 

As a packaging specialist, we have the largest range of standard tins in the Benelux since 1998. In addition, we are also active throughout Europe and have sales offices in Great Britain and Finland. 

The right tin for every product

With a stock of more than 1 million standard tins, we are always happy to assist you. Whether you're looking for unprinted tins, custom-made tins, printed themed tins or Fabergé eggs, we are always happy to provide you with advice. We make packaging for branches in the food and non-food sectors, but we can also create a tailor-made tin that can be used as promotional material. Your coffee, tea, sweets, herbs, chocolate, or cosmetics are safe! Also remarkable is our selection of Fabergé eggs: beautiful replicas of the original eggs by Carl Fabergé.

Durable, responsible and customer-oriented. With our recyclable tins, The Box is the partner you're looking for. View our extensive collection or request a free quotation today.  

Looking for a custom-made tin? We are happy to think along with you

The Box B.V. headquarters are located in Apeldoorn, where a team of tin specialists is looking to assist you at all times. Our employees are professionals and can provide you with any advice when it comes to tin packaging. We will do everything we can to make a product as successful as possible. We guide you during the production process to ultimately achieve the best results, while fully taking your needs and specified budget into account. 

We will gladly discuss the possibilities with you!  

BRC certification 

The Box B.V. is certified according to BRCGS, Storage and Distribution, issue 4. This BRCGS standard describes the quality requirements during the processes at storage and transport companies that deal with foodstuffs, packaging materials or consumer products. A BRCGS certificate demonstrates that an organisation complies with the requirements for food safety set by the British Retail Consortium Global Standards (BRCGS). The certificate also allows organisations to deliver to the UK supply chain. The BRCGS certificate is by the GFSI, the worldwide association of retailers. A BRCGS certificate contributes to a clear analysis of risks, the control thereof and continuous improvement of food safety. 

Production Process

How do we make our tins? The infographic below explains the steps in our production process.

The Box, supplier of promotional tin packaging, packaging specialist

Wist u dat? Onze Fabergé eieren zijn replica’s van de originele eieren die Carl Fabergé eind 1800 voor de Russische Tsaren maakte.

Marcel Faber, Verkoop / Office
Marcel Faber, Verkoop / Office
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