Custom made tins, possibilities

Custom made tins, possibilities

We will look for multiple ways in which to design and create unique and successful product packaging, all in close collaboration with you and/or your company. Do you have any specific needs? Let us know and we'll look for the desired solution together! A tin that meets all your demands.

We always aim for the best results

In close collaboration, we aim for the best results within the agreed budget. Our specialists will guide you throughout the entire production process. We will do everything possible to achieve the desired end product.

For years, we have been supplying custom-made tins to nationally and internationally respected companies. Prefer a smaller order? We already deliver custom-made tins from orders of as few as 2,000 units.

Standard tin packaging with a unique design

We offer you the opportunity to choose a tin from our famous Plain Silver collection. Want to give your product a bit more character though? No problem! Why not have your tin printed with a print of your liking? Feel free to contact us today and we will happily inform you about the various possibilities.

Emboss design for stylish tins

By embossing your tins you can create a truly unique appearance. Your design or text will be embossed right onto the tin. Interested to learn about the possibilities? Call us today and we will be happy to discuss all the embossing options with you!

Wist u dat? Onze Fabergé eieren zijn replica’s van de originele eieren die Carl Fabergé eind 1800 voor de Russische Tsaren maakte.

Marcel Faber, Verkoop / Office
Marcel Faber, Verkoop / Office
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