Developing a custom made tin in 7 steps


Over the years, we have already realized several successful co-creations together with our customers. Because a custom-made tin means developing a tin together. Fine-tuning, creating, updating until you have the perfect tin that meets your wishes and requirements. There are various facets involved. A tin packaging has to comply with the guidelines of the product to be packaged, but also with your wishes in terms of appearance.

How does it work, developing a tin can packaging? Our cases prove that the way we work produces the most beautiful creations. It works as follows.

1. Mapping out your requirements

We discuss all your wishes and the requirements the tin packaging has to meet. What product will be packed in it? What is the purpose of the packaging (branding, protection, durability, etc.)? We advise on and together determine the dimensions the packaging will have.

2. Design

With the right (house style) colours, style elements and images, a design is being created. We regularly see our customer making the design themselves or have it made, but it is of course also possible for us to arrange this for you with our own design department.

3. Material selection

For the packaging to function optimally and achieve the desired appearance, the choice of material is essential. As you might not immediately think, there are substantial differences in material in tinplate alone. For example, you have a choice between different types of metal, such as aluminium and tin-plated steel. You can also decide on the thickness and finishing of the material. Of course, we will advise you on the most suitable material. 4. Prototyping

Based on all material and design preferences, we will make an approval sample so that you have a tangible example of the design created. You can also easily visualize any textures, embossing and debossing. Is the sample completely according to your wishes? Great! Does something still need to be changed? Then we will implement your wishes and create a new sample.

5. Production

Once you have approved the sample, production can begin. Our regular production partners use state-of-the-art production techniques. The metal sheets of the packaging are printed and provided with internal and external lacquers or coatings. The parts are then cut and possibly embossed or debossed, after which they are formed into the chosen packaging.

6. Quality control

Trust is good, control is better. To be sure that you give, sell or use the right tin packaging, fully in accordance with the agreement, we randomly check the production. Are the dimensions correct, are the colours as per approval and is the quality as we agreed?

7. Packaging and shipment

The tin packaging is carefully packed so that it stays beautiful and is delivered to you or to the address provided in perfect condition.

Would you, like many major brands, like to work with us to jointly create your perfect tin can packaging? Get in touch for the possibilities!

Developing a custom made tin in 7 steps