Simon Lévelt on the road to packaging-free shopping with tins from The Box


Simon Lévelt, premium specialty store concept with 40 specialty coffee and tea stores, has taken a major step forward in sustainability by introducing “packaging-free shopping”. This initiative enables customers to make an environmentally friendly choice by packing their coffee beans or tea blends in reusable cans instead of plastic packaging. The Box has been a can supplier for Simon Lévelt for over 10 years and together we have developed this sustainable packaging solution.

The concept of packaging-free shopping fits seamlessly with Simon Lévelt's sustainable vision, where they stand for 'premium organic'. The company is committed to reducing their carbon footprint and promoting environmentally friendly shopping behavior .

Linda Do, category manager at Simon Lévelt, explains how the collaboration with The Box contributes to the company's sustainability goals.

Co-creation of can packaging, this is how it works

“We look at what product types are needed; such as weight content, what product goes in the can and so on. Our own designer creates the designs, monitoring our corporate identity. The team at The Box checks if the content measurements are correct and tests if the number of grams the can is made for is correct. Then the dimensions of all the cans are determined, in such a way that they taper from large to small and taking into account the height of our shelves, which are a bit lower, so that the cans fit in properly.

“The colors and the position of the logo are determined, then The Box makes a printed flat metal proof which we approve. Their manufacturer then makes an actual sample of the tin. If the sample meets expectations, production of a large run is initiated.

Expertise and communication

Linda stresses the importance of accurate testing and adjustments to ensure that the cans meet the highest quality standards. “Tin packaging seems straightforward, but it really takes expert knowledge, and they have that at The Box.”

In addition to technical skills, in Linda's view, commitment and communication from the supplier is at least as important. “There is always quick and clear communication and that is pleasant. This is important because we are far from finished. We would like to start offering even more colors and we are already developing a limited edition tin for the holidays. We want to use the developed tins and our products to create an attractive set for in the year-end collection.”

The collaboration between Simon Lévelt and The Box is an example of how companies with shared values and expertise can work together to develop sustainable solutions that have both a positive impact on the environment and the consumer experience.

Simon Lévelt on the road to packaging-free shopping with tins from The Box