Tin wholesale supplier

Tin wholesale supplier

The Box is a tin wholesale supplier for all types and sizes of tins. Printed tins, unprinted tins, bespoke tins... Anything goes with this tin wholesale supplier. What are you looking for exactly? We will certainly be able to help.

Tin wholesale supplier The Box

As a tin wholesale supplier, we've been  supplying a wide range of tins since 1998. Our stock of standard tins alone amounts to almost 2 million units. And we also are tin wholesale supplier for printed and custom made tins. So, do you have a certain theme in mind? Or would you like to use tins as a promotional tool and convey your house-style into the bargain? Whatever the case, we'll be happy to provide you with advice and help you arrive at the look you want. Or perhaps even one that exceeds your wishes.

The benefits of tin

Tin is a packaging material with numerous benefits. For example, it is sustainable in the sense that it lasts a long time and can almost always be reused. In addition, tins from a tin wholesale supplier like The Box are infinitely recyclable. So, tin is certainly a responsible material!

Tins can be used for many purposes. They can serve as functional and/or stylish storage for food or other products. Or, as unique giftbox. Because tin can be printed and custom-made, it is also excellent as promotional material.

Tin wholesale supplier with BRC certification

As a tin wholesale supplier, we are certified with AA-level BRC certification. Which means we offer you the assurance that, as a tin wholesale supplier, we fully control the production process of foodstuffs and additional products and services. This also extends to, for example, packaging and transport. We comply with the requirements for food safety as drawn up by the British Retail Consortium.

The Box is the tin wholesale supplier you can rely on. When opting for us, as well as a huge range of possibilities, you have the assurance that you are purchasing your tins responsibly. Regardless of whether your tins are printed, standard or fully custom-made. Just let us know what kind of tin you're looking for, why you need it and what you'd like to pack in it. Feel free to contact us or request a quote. We'll provide you with advice and create the perfect tin for you!

The power of tinboxes

  • 100% recyclable
  • Printing possible
  • Luxurious appearance
  • Protecting packaging

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Did you know? Our aluminium tins protect 100% against light, gas and oxygen, making them very suitable for packaging herbs, spices and cosmetics.

Tony Veer, CEO
Tony Veer, CEO
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